How Payments Works

Simple steps to get the most out of Your Choice (MRDPay) Pay Credit Card Payments

Let us know who you want to pay!

Create an account at Your Choice (MRDPay) then enter recipient information & the amount to be paid. Make the payment. Upload your KYC I.e. Pan & Address proof. You can provide KYC docs, before or after making the transaction

Your Choice (MRDPay) charges a convenience fee

Your Choice (MRDPay) sends the payment via two settlement options. T+1 bank day transaction platform charge applicable & T+0 bank day transaction applicable platform charge

Recipient receives the payment

Your recipient receives their payment without needing to signup at Your Choice (MRDPay). Recipient receives the payment as per selected timeline by the Sender. All payments are credited after document verification for KYC & Credit Card. Done!

Payment Requests

Your Choice (MRDPay) enables businesses to send invoice to request payments. Get paid in your bank account without any communication hurdles

  • No Charges for sending Requests
  • Requests can be sent without an invoice
  • GST Compliant Invoice
  • Bank account associated Payments
  • Payee pays the convenience fee

How Invoice Requests Work

Professionals & Businesses can send Invoice Requests from Your Choice (MRDPay) Dashboard enabling them to process operations faster

Send an Invoice Request!

Create an invoice then add a bank account from Your Choice (MRDPay) Dashboard then send the invoice to a recipient

Payer pays for the Invoice

Your Choice (MRDPay) sends the Invoice via Email. Payer registers on Your Choice (MRDPay) & pays with applicable platform charge, as per selection of settlement time

You receive the Payment

Receive your payment to your bank account linked with Your Choice (MRDPay) within the settlement timeline selected by the Payer. Done!